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Lingenfelter Performance Engineering


Nathan Sheets, marketing manager for Lingenfelter Performance Engineering, explains that the company today offers engine building, engine and chassis tuning components and installation for vehicle owners; component product development; services to manufacturers, aftermarket and original equipment suppliers; prototype and preparation of product development vehicles; late product life-cycle performance improvements; durability testing; and show and media event vehicles.

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The company was founded by John Lingenfelter, a legend in the world of performance engineering and racing.  Lingenfelter’s racing career spanned more than four decades where he raced everything from Super Stock and Comp door cars to Econo dragsters, Pro Stock Trucks and Sport Compact.  He was the first Comp driver to break the six-second quarter-mile barrier.  

In his career, he won 13 NHRA national event titles – nine in Comp, three in Super Stock and one in Pro Stock Truck. In early 2002, John took on a new challenge: sport compact racing.  In just a few months, he won one national event and had two runner-up finishes.  


In October 2002, at the Mazda NHRA Sport Compact World Finals in Pomona, CA, Lingenfelter lost control of his vehicle and sustained serious injuries in the accident.  He passed away as a result of complications from subsequent surgeries on December 25, 2003, at the age of 58.

Today, Lingenfelter Performance Engineering continues to build on the Lingenfelter tradition under the leadership of Ken Lingenfelter, a distant relative of John’s.  As CEO, Ken says he is committed to investing in the technology, research, design and testing necessary to continue to target design excellence in engine packages and aftermarket components.  


Lingenfelter Performance Engine- ering is committed to producing high-performing, high-quality engines, says Sheets, and is one of the only builders in the industry to offer a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty standard on installed engine packages.  These include LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6 and LS7 engine packages that are naturally aspirated, turbocharged or supercharged.  Lingenfelter Performance Engineering has engine packages for:


•    Corvette – 1990-2010

•    C6 ZR1 LS9 – 2009-2010

•    C6 Z06 LS7 – 2006-2010

•    C6 LS3 – 2008-2010

•    C6 LS2 2005-2007

•    C5 LS1, LS6 ZO6 – 1997-2004

•    C4 LT1, LT4 – 1992-1996

•    C4 ZR1 – 1990-1995

•    Camaro Gen 5 – 2010

•    Cadillac CTS-V – 2004-2010

•    Cadillac CTS-V LSA – 2009-2010

•    Cadillac CTS-V – 2004-2007

•    Pontiac GTO – 2004-2006

•    GTO 2005-2006 LS2

•    GTO 2004 LS1

•    Pontiac G8 – 2008-2009

•    G8 2008 GT L76

•    G8 2009 GXP LS3

•    Camaro/Firebird – 1992-2002

•    Camaro/Firebird – 1998-2002

•    Camaro/Firebird – 1992-1997

•    Chevrolet SSR – 2003-2006

•    SUV & TRUCK

•    Trailblazer SS Supercharged – TVS1900 – 2006-2009     

•    GM, GMC, Cadillac Supercharged

•    GM, GMC, Cadillac Supercharged SD+

•    H2 Hummer Supercharged

•    H2 Hummer Supercharged SD+

•    Escalade, Hummer, GM, GMC Denali 427 – Twin Turbo 700 HP

•    Dodge Viper

Engine Blueprinting

A solid and storied history of engine building enables Lingenfelter Perfor- mance Engineering to design and build powerful and durable engine packages.  All of Lingenfelter’s engine packages include professional installation by experienced technicians for a factory-installed appearance.  This includes: Engine Preparation and Blueprinting; Cylinder Block Blueprinting; Component Preparation; Cylinder Head Porting & Preparation; Lingenfelter Performance Engineering Blueprint and Assembly; and Road Testing and Dyno Testing.


Lingenfelter Engineering Services

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering offers automotive, marine engine and engine component product development and testing services to aftermarket and original equipment suppliers and manufacturers. The company provides the following services:

•    Show vehicle preparation

•    Engine assembly

•    One-off and custom engine builds

•    Race engines

•    Crate engines

•    Cylinder head assembly

•    Cylinder head porting either by hand or by CNC

•    Cylinder head port development

•    Air flow bench testing

•    Engine dynamometer testing

•    Chassis dynamometer testing

Lingenfelter Performance Engineering can also provide low-volume engines and engine component manufacturing and assembly. Lingenfelter Performance Engineering also boasts cylinder head port development services and can CNC port cylinder heads using customer-supplied sample port or math data or can develop a port design that meets the customer requirements. The company offers CNC porting of cylinder heads – aluminum or iron – as well as intake manifolds, assembly of heads and its own crate motor engine assembly.


A fully computerized time clock system allows Lingenfelter Performance Engineering to track the labor associated with any particular project or job, enabling the company to provide customers with detailed billing and cost analysis.


The highly sought-after Lingenfelter side badge is available only for Lingenfelter Performance Engineering installed packages.  Every company-built car is qualified to have these exclusive Lingenfelter high-quality chrome metal badges and comes complete with certificates of authenticity, with raised stamping for security.

Some vehicle enthusiasts make the trip to Decatur looking for a Taj Mahal of performance. While the company, with its two chassis dynos, multiple engine dynos, high dollar vehicles and legendary performance pedigree may have a bit higher profile than the typical Engine Builder reader, Sheets says Lingenfelter Performance Engineering is a working shop first, offering ideas for excellence that any engine builder can implement.


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