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MAHLE Clevite Inc. Awards 2010 MAHLE Engine Builders of the Year


The Engine Builder of the Year award is presented to the top engine builder in each of the NASCAR series who has accumulated the most MAHLE Clevite points based on qualifying, laps led and finishing position.

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Earl Wheeler of Hendrick Motorsports was awarded the 2010 MAHLE Engine Builder of the Year title for the Sprint Cup Series based on the performance of the No. 48 Chevy Impala driven by Jimmie Johnson. In sync with Johnson’s fifth-straight championship, this marks Hendrick Motorsports’ fifth-consecutive Sprint Cup Series MAHLE Engine Builder of the Year award. Overall, Hendrick Motorsports has earned a total of 15 MAHLE Clevite Engine Builder of the Year titles.

“The MAHLE Clevite Engine Builder of the Year award is a great accomplishment; while this is Hendrick Motorsports’ 5th straight Engine Builder title, we make it a point not to forget the sweat and the hard work that goes into each engine build,” said Wheeler. “We’re very proud of this accomplishment and thankful for the quality products and support that MAHLE Clevite brings to racing each year.”

Earning his 5th MAHLE Engine Builder of the Year title, Mark Cronquist, engine builder for Joe Gibbs Racing, once again garnered the most points in the Nationwide Series – this time for his work on the No. 18 Toyota driven primarily by Kyle Busch.

“It is an honor to receive this prestigious award for the 3rd year in a row, and five times overall,” said Cronquist. “We are very proud of the work Joe Gibbs Racing put in this season and will continue to improve our performance thanks to MAHLE Clevite’s never-ending technical support and high performance racing products.”


Lastly, the MAHLE Clevite Engine Builder of the Year for the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series went to Jon Dysinger of Triad Racing Technology, the engine builder for the No. 18 Toyota Tundra owned and driven primarily by Kyle Busch.

“Triad Racing built 335 engines last year – each with MAHLE parts and technology included. Anything is possible with high performance products from MAHLE Clevite and their unprecedented technical support,” said Dysinger. “We are very proud of this accomplishment.” The Engine Builder of the Year was the 2nd for Jon.

For more information about MAHLE Clevite and its brands, visit left to right - Jon Dysinger, Triad Racing Technology, Ted Hughes, MAHLE Clevite and Mark Cronquist, Joe Gibbs Racing



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