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Callies Launches New Fatigue Testing Division


Callies says the new division has been developed to provide objective laboratory testing of any component subject to fully reversed bending or torsional fatigue. 

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Everything from engine components to mounting brackets can quickly be evaluated, according to the company. This capability is currently being used by Callies to develop the strongest cranks on the market, and is now available as an independent source for fatigue testing third party component designs.

Today’s product designs are answering the demand for reduced material and manufacturing cost, while providing high durability. Well thought out testing programs have proven capable of determining the likelihood of both low and high cycle fatigue failures. Your component evaluation will provide valuable insight into possible savings through material reduction, alloy change and warranty cost elimination.


MFS has considerable crankshaft evaluation experience in testing shafts for inline configurations up to 19 liter and V configurations up to 32 liter. Your crankshaft can be evaluated for both its Bending and Torsional characteristics. Bending tests are run at speeds up to 120 Hz while Torsional testing is typically at a slower pace due to internal heat generation.

In addition to the company’s fatigue capabilities, client projects will also have full access to MFS staff metallurgist and laboratory. Not only can MFS tell you the magnitude and duration of applied loads required to fail your crankshaft or component, it can identify the failure initiation site, the root cause, and give critical assessments to help eliminate the failure mode.


MFS can quickly help clients in making decisions regarding:

• New oil hole drilling methods

• Changes in fillet geometry or finishing

• Non-conforming material evaluation

• Heat treatment qualification

• Geometric non-conformance

• Grinder damage evaluation

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