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King Introduces HP Engine Bearings for Chevy Applications


King Engine Bearings has added new rod and main bearings for Chevy engines to its HP Engine Bearings line.

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Made of bi-metal, aluminum silicon alloy, King’s HP bearings feature a 40 Vickers hardness that resists traditional overlay migration and extrusion. HP bearings have a 450° F heat threshold that affords greater protection against friction and overheating, the company says.

King HP bearings are available for Chevy engine applications, including rod bearings for 327 (CR 803HPN), small block (CR 807HPN, CR 807HPND) LS (CR 807HPN, CR 807HPND), 400 (CR 807HPN, CR 807HPND) and big block (CR 808HPN, CR 808HPND). HP main bearings are also available for Chevy small block (MB 557HP), 400 (MB 509HP, MB 5143HP) and big block (MB 556HP, MB 5147HP) engines.


All King performance bearings feature greater rod bearing height that improves bearing to bore contact/heat transfer and reduces spin potential at high RPMs, according to the company. Main bearings feature enlarged, chamfered oil holes. In addition, most rod bearings are available with or without dowel holes. HP main bearing sets are 3/4 grooved for improved oiling to the rod journals.


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