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Industry Mourns Passing of Longtime Don Gross Sales Co. Employee Oscar Scott


Oscar worked in the automotive industry for over 30 years. He began his career at Hopper Shop Equipment and then at West Coast Engine Rebuilding in the Los Angeles area before landing a job at Don Gross Sales Co. in 1980 where he remained an integral part of the company until his passing.  

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Early on, Oscar showed his aptitude for sales and negotiation and an ability to connect with people in a sincere way.  This was first apparent in the contributions he made to the agency’s overall success in bringing the Dynagear line to market in California, the Southwestern U.S. and Baja, Mexico beginning in 1982.  

In the years that followed, he continued to bring significant contributions to the growth of Don Gross Sales Company and the lines represented by the agency as it continued to expand and market lines such as Hastings, SB International, and Safety Auto Parts to the region.  


Eventually becoming sales manager, he directed the company’s efforts in keeping sales strong. “His loyalty to the Don Gross company, the factories he represented, and the customers he called on made him someone people could rely on to understand and communicate the big picture,” explains Tiffany Gross from Don Gross.

This perspective, along with his focus and passion for his career and the people he worked with, made him a natural mentor and friend for many that worked closely with him over the years. 

“He had a way with people and a story for everything,” recalls Michelle Cusson from Don Gross. “He was a genuinely likable guy.”  


Dan Gross spoke on a personal note also, commenting that, “Traveling half the world together was a pleasure as we mixed business and things like fishing in Baja and Alaska. We regularly traveled to Las Vegas, Florida, Indiana, Hawaii, Michigan and Texas over the years, he became like a brother to me.”  

Joseph Lin from Safety Auto Parts spoke of Oscar’s legacy: “His dedication, along with strong communication skills brought people and businesses together that, in turn, contributed to the progress of the engine rebuilding industry.”   

“Oscar saw the whole picture in any business situation and always implemented sound judgment in his advice and actions,” said Tom DeBlasis of Hastings Mfg. “The passion he showed for his work, for his family, and for life was inspiring. He will be missed.”




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