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Recruiting’s Leading Edge


Enter ACE (Automated Candidate Experience) from PeopleClues. ACE is a
nifty new means for employers to deliver value to their candidates.
Simultaneously, these leading-edge employers are giving themselves a
competitive advantage, by identifying the job fit of their best

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Once people have applied to the participating employer, the applicants
take an assessment. Once completed, they are presented with their free
career reports. These career reports contain valuable personalized
feedback, including specific resume and career tips based on their own
assessment, which will help them to leverage their strengths. In our
experience, people do not know how to articulate their strengths, and
this program gives them the exact language. The best part for the
candidates (and the employers) is that it is totally free.

However, the biggest winners are the employers. First, they receive
important feedback on job fit for their candidates. Second, they are
providing a valuable service to their prospective employees with
personalized information they can really use to further their careers.
This value-added service is bound to have a positive effect by
retaining candidate involvement.


Even if the candidates are not a good fit for those specific jobs, ACE
demonstrates a level of caring. This caring makes the candidates feel
valued and appreciated and establishes the company as a preferred
employer. The only caveat is that employers must be licensed users of
the PeopleClues Assessments, one of the best pre- and post-hire
assessments available in the marketplace; it has been validated for
many countries and cultures.

Without a doubt, ACE is one of the real win-win products we have seen recently.

As technology enables the Human Resources function to be more “human,”
we can expect more of these intelligent systems to help enlightened
employers to better connect with their current team members, prospects
and candidates.


For more information about PeopleClues, click here.

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