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Tips for ‘Pickling’ Your Classic Car/Engine for Winter Storage


Here are some engine related tips for "pickling" a car for storage: 

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1.) Make sure your gas tank is full. Additives like STA-BIL will help as
long as you run the engine to get it throughout the fuel system.

2.) Make sure your coolant mixture is correct – even if your car won’t
be stored under freezing conditions. This will inhibit corrosion. If you
refresh of flush the radiator, make sure the engine runs long enough to
cycle your new mixture throughout.

3.) Change the engine oil prior to storage. Dirty oil can cause premature bearing failure if left in an unused engine.

4.) Remove the plugs and spray some "upper cylinder lubricant" into the cylinders before replacing the plugs.

Your engine will provide years of trouble free performance if properly
mantained. Take the time to pickle your engine if it’s going into
storage. You’ll be glad you did!

– Tech Tip courtesy of Blueprint Engines

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