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Cylinder Block Cracks on 4.6L Cadillac Engines


A subject certainly
worth knowing about are cylinder block cracks on the Cadillac 4.6L
DOHC engine. You may never see one of these cracks unless
you painstakingly look for it or it bites you on a warranty. However,
it becomes obvious almost immediately if you need to resurface the
block deck.

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The problem is cracking of the aluminum block casting around the cast iron liner (Figure 1).
Knowing that this possibility exists, it is strongly recommeded that you take
the time to make a close examination of the deck prior to doing any
machining at all – and before you then spend numerous hours installing
cylinder head bolt repairs.Figure 1 The aluminum 4.6L Cadillac block may crack outside the cast iron cylinder liner and is extremely hard to detect. The above crack became visible only after the deck face was machined.<br />“/></p>
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