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Revised Timing Belt Tensioner for Acura 3.2L Engine


A revised timing belt auto-tensioner for 2002-2003 Acura 3.2L engines is now available (P/N 14520-P8E-A01). This tensioner is part of a product improvement by Acura.

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The original design timing belt tensioner is filled with oil to dampen oscillation. Due to a manufacturing situation, the tensioner oil can leak. If enough oil is lost, the timing belt loosens and causes engine noise. The worst-case scenario is the belt may lose tension and allow the loss of cam timing. Refer to the chart (Figure 1) to determine which vehicles are affected.

Do not replace the timing belt because it has oil on it from the auto-tensioner or because you see belt dust after removing the engine upper covers. Residual oil from the auto-tensioner and dust from minor belt contact with the inner edge of the camshaft pulleys does not affect timing belt performance.



Secure the timing belt to both cam pulleys using plastic wire ties. This helps to keep the timing belt in place while you replace the auto-tensioner (Figure 2).

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