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Marketing During Tough Economic Times


These are any campaigns where you reach potential customers while they are outside of their homes and workplaces. Little league games, charity drives, local fairs, etc., are all good examples.

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So do this … Each Monday put 10 business cards in your pocket, and make sure you pass them all out, off premise, by the end of the week. When you meet people at your local hardware or grocery store, take a moment to introduce yourself, and give them your card. People do business with people, not with businesses, so when you meet someone outside of your workplace, not only are they non-threatened, but many people are always on the hunt for a good, ethical engine/auto repair facility.

When I still owned automotive shops, I used this cost-free marketing technique to develop some of the most successful shops the country. You have my promise: Passing out just ten cards a week will cost you nothing, and the customers you bring in will be pre-sold …on you.


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