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BIG R Show to Feature Seminars from RIT’s Reman Center


Automotive parts remanufacturing is becoming more competitive every
year. Progressive remanufacturers are always looking for new ways to
save money through process improvements. Surface cleaning is one step in
the remanufacturing process where companies can typically find
improvement opportunities due to the ever-increasing number of new
chemistries and technologies available. Once identified, how does a
company determine which options are most cost-effective for their

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On Saturday, Oct. 27 from 3 to 4:30 p.m. RIT will present
“Calculating the True Cost of Cleaning.” This presentation will discuss
the costs associated with cleaning and the methods used to calculate the
true benefits to the organization. The program will cover cleaning
technologies such as baking soda blasting, ultrasonic cleaning, and rust
removal and prevention.


Remanufacturers often focus on their existing capabilities and customers
when looking for new opportunities to advance their organization. This
focus can yield excellent results, but all too often opportunities can
slip by unnoticed. The “Opportunities for Remanufacturers” presentation
will cover a variety of topics related to the automotive/truck parts
remanufacturing industry, which will provide the attendees with
information on emerging opportunities.


Topics such as the momentum
building around environmental sustainability will be discussed as it
relates to material reuse, increased governmental awareness, global
interest in remanufacturing, and current emphasis on “green economy”
jobs. On Sunday, Oct. 28 from 3:30 to 4:45 p.m. RIT will discuss these
unnoticed “Opportunities for Remanufacturers.”


The recovery of valuable components from failed products is the
life-blood of a remanufacturer. In today’s competitive market, companies
must take advantage of any technologies that can ensure greater
recovery opportunities and enhanced quality of the final product.


ability to identify critical failures, without destroying the
components, is a requirement for all remanufacturers. Another seminar
will serve as an overview of the various non-destructive Inspection
Technologies and their applications.


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