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Beseth, Corey Win $1,000 in Engine Pro’s ‘Top 5 of the Past 5’ Contest


Engine Builder and Engine Pro recently teamed up to offer the "Top 5 of the Past 5" awards to commemorate the last 5 years of Shop Solutions. We awarded both the Shop Solution authors and our readers who helped us choose the winners with cash prizes.

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Jeff "Beezer" Beseth of Beezer Built Inc., Newton Square, PA, has won the $1,000 Engine Pro award for author of the best Shop Solution of 2012. Beseth’s Shop Solution, Grumpy Jenkins’ Method of Cutting Braided Steel Lines, was taught to him by the engine building master himself. He said: "Twenty years ago I was lucky enough to have ‘Grumpy’ Jenkins show me a great way to cut steel braided lines. He used a sharp wide chisel."

The winner of the $1,000 for voting for the best Shop Solution was Jim Cory of Cory’s Automotive & Machine in Gary, IN. And $250 goes to Jaime Morche, Road Builders Industrial Machining for the second place voter. Third place and $100 goes to John Smith, The Engine Shop. Fourth place and $100 goes to Jerry Hendrix, Melling Engine Parts. And $100 for 5th place goes to William Mullenberg.

The other authors who won prizes for their Shop Solutions entries included: 2nd place and $250, Bill Riordan, Riordan Engineering, Twin Lake, MI with "Proper Fastener Preparation;" 3rd place $100: Norm Johns, Norm’s Auto Machine, Petaluma, CA, with "Avoiding Flat Cam Syndrome;" 4th place $100: Ray Crowley, Ray’s Precision Engines, Taylor, MI, with "Removing Crankshaft Pilot Bearings Revisited;" and 5th place $100:  Jim Kovach, Kovach & Assoc. Performance Engine Building, Parma, OH, with "Welding Cast Iron."


"Congratulations to our winners. Their contributions are the best our
industry has to offer. They contribute to the quality and profitability
of all machinists. These are the best of over 400 Shop Solutions candidates submitted over the past five years. Something that impresses me about the entries is the variety of subjects that are addressed. We have everything from tech tips, how to increase profits, how to save money, how to make your shop better, to which coat to wear in the shop so you won’t have trouble finding it! We would also like to congratulate the voters who
made this contest such a success," said Engine Parts Group President,
Don Weber.

Engine Builder Shop Solutions is sponsored by Engine Pro,
a group of 10 engine parts specialist WDs in the U.S., and one in Australia, operating 35 branch
locations serving engine builders/rebuilders across the U.S and Australia.
Solutions published in each issue of Engine Builder Magazine receive a free one year membership to the Engine Rebuilders Council and a prepaid $100 Visa gift card. Winners will be chosen by
the staff of Engine Builder Magazine and the Engine Pro Technical


To submit a Shop Solution simply mail your entry
to Engine Builder Magazine, Shop Solutions, 3550 Embassy Parkway,
Akron, OH 44333; or email to Shop [email protected] Shop
Solutions may also be
emailed to [email protected].

You must include
your name, shop name, shop address and shop telephone number. Submitted
Shop Solutions not published will be kept on file and reevaluated for
publication with each month’s new entries. If you include your email
address you will be emailed notification of publication if your Shop
Solution is chosen.



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