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Design Engineering Inc. Announces Major Warehouse Expansion


Design Engineering Inc. (DEI), a provider of performance thermal tuning and acoustic control products, has announced that recent strong sales have precipitated the company’s need for additional warehouse space to accommodate current and expected growth of the company’s six primary product lines.

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DEI says the new warehouse will nearly double in size the company’s existing space and will greatly improve the management of all warehouse operations for improved inventory management, and expedited shipping and receiving. The lion’s share of the 80 by 150-foot space will be devoted to warehousing product; however, some space is designated for current and future manufacturing operations and research and development.

When completed, all raw materials and finished goods inventory will be consolidated on new pallet racks in one centralized large area to expedite deliveries that can be easily accessed by pallet truck. The shipping and receiving area will feature new loading docks with added space to maneuver into loading zones for speedy distribution.

David Markley, DEI president, commented, “DEI has been on the fast track to growth these past few years, including the addition of new brands such SPA Turbo USA and Ny-Trex. This, coupled with the high demand for the company’s thermal tuning and acoustic products and Boom Mat’s acoustical insulation and sound deadening products across a broad range of industries, necessitated the decision to invest in new space. We are fortunate that we were able to add to our existing headquarters and continue to support growth in our local community.”DEI has broken ground on a new 12,000 square foot warehouse facility adjacent to the company
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