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Modifying Special TDC Alignment Tool for BMW Applications


Affected Models/Engines

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E60 and E61 (5 Series) with N52K and N54 engine

E70 (X5) with N52K engine

E71 (X6) with N54 engine

E82 and E88 (1 Series) with N51, N52K and N54 engine

E83 (X3) with N52K engine

E85 (Z4) with N52K engine

E90, E91, E92 and E93 (3 Series) with N51, N52K and N54 engine

The Situation

The special TDC Alignment Tool (p/n 11 0 300) is difficult to install into the engine block bore or interferes with the low pressure fuel line support bracket, as described in BMW’s repair manual when checking or adjusting the engine’s mechanical timing.


Vehicles equipped with the N52 or N2K engine require a modification to the dowel pin portion, as shown in Figure 1.

Reduce the diameter (A) by 0.10 mm for the entire length (B) of the dowel pin.

Removing the black finish on the dowel pin with an emery cloth or the equivalent will be sufficient. Do not drill or ream the engine crankcase hole.

Vehicles equipped with the N54 engine will require approximately 2-3 mm of material (A) to be removed from the area indicated in Figure 2.


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