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6th Annual Stroker Engine Guide


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Admittedly, we couldn’t get everything in these charts as we’d like, however, this should give you a good idea of what kind of kits are available and from which suppliers. We have organized the data by manufacturer and then block type, whether it’s a small block or big block or something else. GM’s LS platform, for instance, has it’s own section because, well, there are just so many variations. Our “Other” section includes mostly import kits but is hopefully a growing section to be filled with sport compact kits in the future. If you want to find a specific kit for, say, a Small Block Chevy 350, then you could look under the appropriate heading and scroll down the left hand column to find the stroker displacement you wish to build.


We included as much information as we could fit on the page and sent forms out to every major engine parts supplier for their feedback. Of course, not everyone chose to participate and we didn’t want to make anything up for them. We also included sections in the form for identifying timing components, whether it was a timing chain, belt or gear included with the kit and the manufacturer. Unfortunately, this information was incomplete so it was not included. However, many stroker kits do come with timing sets and oil pans  (also an incomplete section).

We suggest that you select a kit and then call the supplier listed for further information on each of their kits. This information is as accurate as we could make it but there may be other features and components available. Furthermore, you may be able to swap out components for other brands if that is your preference, but, again, give your supplier a call to see what you can do with your kit selection.


• To download the Stroker Guide Charts, click here.

• To download the Stroker Suppliers, click here.


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