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Engine Parts Group, Inc. Develops Performance Scholarship at UNOH


In an effort to prime the "talent pump," Engine Parts Group, Inc. and the University of Northwestern Ohio have announced the creation of the Engine Pro Performance Scholarship Fund at UNOH. The initial funding is coming from the donation of a 500 horsepower small block Chevrolet project racing engine that was professionally built using Engine Pro parts by the Cope Brothers Automotive Machine Shop in Tacoma, Washington.

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UNOH’s College of Applied Technology will be raffling off the engine this spring with hopes of raising more than $15,000 to kick off the scholarship program. In addition, EPGI has committed to donating additional money on an ongoing basis to sustain the program.

Upon donating the engine, EPGI president, Don Weber, said, "The future of our company and that of engine builders across the country is only as strong as the interest of young people who want to come into our industry." Weber says the industry needs to do all that it can to ensure that the next generations are encouraged to choose engine technology as a career.

"The University of Northwestern Ohio is the perfect place to establish the scholarship fund," says Weber. "The university features the largest facility in the country dedicated to learning the science of high performance vehicles." Within its seven- acre performance motorsports complex, students are trained on all brands of performance cars using state-of-the-industry machines and equipment

Steve Farmer, UNOH’s Vice President of Business Development said, "It’s not all classroom training at UNOH. Students actively participate as pit crew in NASCAR and ARCA sanctioned races including working with top racers at Daytona Speedway. Graduates from this program routinely step into positions in the performance racing industry and immediately begin making a contribution."EPGI donated this Chevy 604 crate engine that Cope Brothers Automotive Machine rebuilt with Engine Pro parts and added nearly 100 hp. It'll be raffled off by UNOH this spring to help fund their scholarship program. EPGI is also making a cash contribution to the fund.



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