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Head Bolts Added to Growing Magnum Gaskets Product Line


Magnum Gaskets resellers have requested head bolts as a
natural add-on sale to complement Magnum’s recently introduced cylinder
head gaskets and the entire premium Magnum Gasket line, according to the

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“With the introduction of torque-to-yield head bolts in the early ‘90s,
replacing head bolts with every head gasket installation became a
necessity because bolts were intentionally stretched beyond the point of
permanent distortion,” said Magnum’s Director of Engineering Jerry
Rosenquist, “We also strongly recommend that conventional head bolts be
replaced on pre-1990 engines because of the corrosion, wear and re-use
they have experienced in many years of service.”


For nearly 20 years, Magnum’s parent company, Modern Silicone
Technologies Inc. (MSI), has manufactured gaskets for major aftermarket
brands and OEMs. Magnum Vice President Derek Data explains, “Adding
competitively-priced head bolt sets to our product line is yet another
opportunity for our distribution channel partners to enhance profits and
bring better value to end-users.”


Magnum says it maintains a “USA First” policy, which gives priority to
manufacturing and sourcing parts and materials in North America. More
than 90 percent of Magnum products are designed, manufactured and
packaged in the U.S. The current Magnum Gasket line covers more than 80
percent of sales in manifold, valve cover and oil pan gasket categories
for domestic and import cars and light trucks at very competitive
prices. Magnum’s growing line of “OE or better” cylinder head gaskets
round out the product offering.





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