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Revised Cylinder Head Bolt and Torque Procedures for 88-95 Ford 5.0L Engines


The two types of bolts that are used are physically different as you can see in Figure 1.
The standard torque bolt is a non-flanged hex head bolt. The torque to
yield bolt is a flanged head bolt. Both types of bolts may be used on
any of the 5.0L engines. The bolts must all be the same style on each
cylinder head.

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Caution: Do not use both types of cylinder head bolts on one cylinder
head. Do not mix and match. Each cylinder head must have all of one
type of retaining bolt: Standard Torque or Torque-To-Yield.

The TTY cylinder head bolts are available in a packaged kit (F3ZZ-6065-E). The kit contains the following:

• (5) 7/16-14×3.94 bolts

• (5) 7/16-14×2.49 bolts

• (1) 3/8-16×7/16-3.93 stud

• (1) Instruction sheet (I.S. #6605)

Some applications use various quantities of studs for fastening items to the cylinder heads.

Torque Specifications

For the non-flanged standard hex head bolts, tighten in two (2) steps as follows:

1)Tighten all bolts in sequence (Figure 2) to 55-65 ft.lbs (75-88 Nm).

2) Tighten all bolts in sequence (Figure 2) to 65-72 ft.lbs (88-98 Nm).

For all Torque-To-Yield hex head bolts, tighten in three (3) steps as follows:

1) Tighten all bolts in sequence (Figure 2) to 25-35 ft.lbs (34-47 Nm).

2) Tighten all bolts in sequence (Figure 2) to 45-55 ft.lbs (61-75 Nm).

3) Tighten all bolts in sequence (Figure 2) an additional 1/4 turn (85-95 degrees).

When the cylinder head bolts have been tightened following these
procedures, it is not necessary to retighten the bolts after extended
operation. TTY bolts must be replaced with new bolts. Do not reuse TTY
bolts. TTY bolts may only be used one time.


Some or all of this information was provided by the Automotive
Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA). For more information on
technical bulletins available through APRA call 703-968-2772 or visit
figure 1Figure 2



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