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Selecting the Correct Filter to Prevent Lean-Out and Pump Failure


Aeromotive recommends the filtration media to be used on the inlet side of a fuel
pump be no smaller than 100-micron and must have an element surface
area of 60 square inches or more. Any filter element not meeting these
criteria may fail to flow the full volume of the pump being used,
resulting in cavitation at the pump inlet.

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Aeromotive fuel pumps are extremely efficient by design, allowing them
to create high pressure on the outlet and high vacuum on the inlet
side, if restricted. Cavitation can be to a pump like detonation is to
an engine and occurs when the liquid being pumped reaches a temperature
where it boils and becomes vapor. The temperature at which any liquid
boils varies with pressure. Recall that water in a radiator is
purposely pressurized to raise the boiling point. When was the last
time your high pressure EFI system vapor locked?

Keep in mind, as a pump pushes it has to pull. When a pump has to pull
too hard acquiring fuel, a vacuum or low-pressure area develops at the
inlet. The better and more efficient the pump is, the lower inlet
pressure will fall. The boiling point of any liquid fuel in this
low-pressure zone falls as well. With a highly efficient pump, inlet
pressure can get so low that fuel will boil and the pump will cavitate
at normal operating temperatures.


Today’s ultra-high output engines require equally high efficiency fuel
pumps. Failure to install them properly can be costly in two ways:
First, during cavitation the engine may experience a momentary lean
condition (losses of liquid fuel pressure and volume). Second, excess
heat and friction will build in the pump, causing damage and eventual
failure. If you feed your Aeromotive pump properly it will feed your
beast for years to come!

Review your installation and make sure the pump is mounted where
gravity will help push fuel to the inlet, use the correct size AN line
between the tank and the pump and install filters that flow the
necessary volume freely.

All Aeromotive pumps except the Pro Series EFI pump may use the
Aeromotive filter #12304 with –10 inlet and outlet fittings and
100-micron stainless steel element. The Pro Series EFI pump #11102
requires filter #12302 with larger stainless steel element and –12
inlet and outlet fittings. The #12302 is also recommended for the
#11104 EFI Eliminator pump and our new #11105 belt drive pump (try
400gph or 2700lb/hr of fuel delivery at 100psi).

– Courtesy of Aeromotive.

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