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Customers Will Remember Your Name With These Business Card Tips


With a great business card, people will remember your name and you company.

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Advertisement recently had a great post on 50 Killer Business Cards That Put Yours to Shame. The post has lots of examples of great business cards.  It’s a must-read for anyone with a boring business card.


Here are some business card design tips that will get you noticed by customers.

1.  Use Unique Materials: Many of the 50 Killer Business Cards use unique materials. Materials used included metal and plastic. One even made edible business cards.


2.  Use Different Shapes: The standard business card is 2 x 3.5 inches. Think outside this small frame. Use different shapes and sizes.

3.  Make The Card Reflect Your Business: Your business card should be a reflection of your business.  Do something unique.  Make it look like a car part.  Or better yet, make it look like a car.

4.  Use Vibrant Colors: When was the last time that you saw a tan or light gray racecar?  Many of the 50 Killer Business Cards use vibrant colors. This business card uses a nice mix of brown and orange.


5.  Have Fun: Ordering business cards shouldn’t be like ordering office supplies.  They’re an important part of growing your automotive industry business.  Have fun and you’ll make the right decision.

Trade Show Rules

For trade shows such as the SEMA Show, you’ll want to follow another set of rules.

At trade shows, people will be collecting a large quantity of cards that they will keep in one place, which may be a cardholder.   The manner and place people keep business cards at an event like this is generally tailored to fit a standard business card size and shape.


If your card is twice the size, you run the risk of people not being able to keep it with the rest of the cards, and your card might get lost.

If your everyday business cards are an odd size or configuration, have a batch of standard size cards made just for trade shows.

It’s also a great idea to print them on a writeable material so people can write notes on it.

Following these tips will help you get the most out of your business cards.

What’s the best business card that you’ve ever seen?

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