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Magnum by MSI adds Heavy-Duty Gaskets to Growing Product Line


MSI (Modern Silicone Technologies Inc.)
has announced the addition of 99 new individually boxed heavy-duty gaskets and
seals for popular Class 3 to Class 8 diesel truck engines. 

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“MSI is one of the few companies in the
world with the huge molding presses and precision tooling required to
successfully mold the large format, complex gaskets found on today’s diesel
engines,” said Alex Grunfeld, executive vice president of MSI. “MSI has been
the premier heavy-duty gasket manufacturer to OEMs and major aftermarket brands
for nearly 20 years. Now, we’re serving the aftermarket directly under the
Magnum brand.”

“We are supplying the diesel market with
products and packages suitable for either diesel engine specialists or the
diesel portion of the automotive aftermarket,” added Derek Data, MSI vice
president. “There is also burgeoning business for fuel injection specialists
and high-performance diesel experts, and we’ve kept them in mind as well.”

For more information, visit or call 847-580-6110.



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