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Chrysler 3.7L Throttle Body ‘Whistle-Like Sounds’


This repair procedure involves applying a thin bead of RTV to the
intake manifold-to-throttle body joint.This information applies to
vehicles equipped with a 3.7L engine built on or before March 12, 2007.

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There have been reports of vehicle owners who experience a slight
“high frequency (pitch)” whistle-like sound while driving. This sound
is not loud and may not be noticeable to most drivers. The sound can
occur at any ambient or engine operating temperature. The whistle-like
sound is most noticeable under load, with a light throttle, and between
1,200 and 2,000 engine rpms. Please note, very few vehicles will
exhibit this condition.

If the customer experiences the above condition perform the following repair procedure.

1) Remove the Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) throttle body from the intake manifold.

2) Apply a very small diameter bead (1 mm) of RTV to the intake
manifold-to-throttle body joint. The RTV is to be applied to the lower
section of the joint between the lower two throttle body bolt
attachment holes (Figure 1).
A very small amount of RTV is needed to seal the slight space/gap on
the inner surface of the joint. The gap was created by a slight taper
in the intake manifold joint surface. Do not apply an excessive amount
of RTV to the joint. And do not over-torque the throttle body bolts, as
it may cause damage to the throttle body.


3) Install the ETC throttle body to the intake manifold. Tighten the
throttle body’s four attaching bolts to 60 in.lbs. (7 Nm). Wipe off
inside joint of any excess RTV that is squeezed out.

4) Reassemble the remaining engine components.

Some or all of the preceding technical information was provided by the
Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association (APRA). For more
information on technical bulletins available through APRA call
703-968-2772 or visit
Figure 1

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