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GM Belt Tensioner May Cause Supercharger Failure


Problem: Premature failure of supercharger bearings.

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91051GMtensione_00000045484Cause: When the belt tensioner starts to fail, belt tension increases dramatically. This tension shows up as side-loading in the supercharger rear bearing.

Solution: Periodic inspection of the belt tensioner should be part of the regular maintenance routine. Before operating the replacement supercharger, the tensioner must be inspected and replaced if defective. Unless the tensioner is checked and replaced as needed, supercharger-bearing failure will occur, causing premature catastrophic failure.


While this problem is prevalent on GM vehicles, this inspection should be performed on all belt-driven supercharged vehicles. Please check the service manual for the recommended inspection and service.

Note: This bulletin is supplied as technical information only and is not an authorization for repair.

Source: CARDONE Industries, Inc.

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