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Champion Oil recently released its “Purpose-Built” full synthetic 15W-50 Racing Oil in a new 5-gallon container.


Champion’s 15W-50 Racing Oil seals out rust, neutralizes acids and resists foaming.

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Company: Chapmion Racing Oil

Champion’s 15W-50 Racing Oil utilizes a premium ZDDP anti-wear protection package, which contains a unique balance of chemistry including high levels of zinc and phosphorus. This specialized, full synthetic racing oil also is designed to increase horsepower and 118974championo_00000068860torque, resist the thinning effects of fuel dilution, and is highly resistant to evaporative losses, thus reducing oil consumption, the company says. These low rates of oil consumption allow oil to flow freely without significant “boil-off” thickening to ensure dependable viscosity, engine lubrication and protection.

Champion’s 15W-50 Racing Oil seals out rust, neutralizes acids and resists foaming, the company adds. Rust inhibition is especially important for engines subject to frequent short-run operations or extended periods of storage. Acid neutralization protects engines from damage caused by corrosive by-products of combustion. Foam resistance ensures protection against the metal-to-metal contact and wear that occurs when air is trapped in oil. Plus, Champion’s proprietary TVS Polymer Technology adheres to metal parts for maximum film strength under the harshest of racing conditions.


In addition, Champion’s 15W-50 Racing Oil is formulated specifically for friction reduction, to significantly reduce operating temperatures and to prevent the forming of sludge, varnish, deposits or acids.

Champion’s 15W-50 Racing Oil part no. 4309 is available in 12-quart/case lots, 5-gallon containers, 55-gallon drums and 275-gallon totes.



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