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PML Offers Deep Transmission Pan for the C5 Corvette

PML has added a great looking, solid construction, transmission pan to its line of products especially for automobile enthusiasts.

pmltranspaniPML designed this transmission pan specifically for C5 Corvette owners who push  their Corvettes to the limit and for owners who just want to take care of their Corvettes.  This pan would also be useful for those people that are using the LS series engines  and transmissions in their early vehicles.

  • Pan holds four quarts more than stock.
  • Heavy Duty sand cast aluminum with raised fins.
  • 3/16-inch wall construction adds strength to the transmission case.
  • 3/8-inch machined gasket flange will not bend when the bolts are tightened.
  • Fins on the bottom of the pan and the extra capacity help to keep the transmission fluid cool, and this will help reduce wear and tear on the transmission.
  • The fill hole, drain hole and magnetic drain plug allow for easy servicing.
  • There are three bosses cast into the pan (two on the passengers side, one on the drivers side) that can drilled for a temperature sending unit to allow for monitoring of the fluid temperatures.
  • The inside of the pan has cast in filter supports so that filter extensions are not needed. These filter supports allow for the use of many easily available filters.
  • PML supplies high quality mounting hardware and instructions.
  • The covers are furnished as-cast (Natural), Black powder coated, or polished.

    PML is a member of SEMA and the GoodGuys Rod & Custom Association.  Information on PML’s full line of products is available on their website

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