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Elgin PRO-STOCK One-Piece Thick-Wall Performance Push Rods


Elgin 1-Piece Push Rods-CMYKThe Elgin PRO-STOCK brand has introduced a broad line of one-piece thick-wall performance push rods that provide up to 40 percent greater column strength and increased stiffness over conventional, 0.080-in.-wall rods. The new thick-wall push rods are produced in Elgin Industries’ state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing facility in Elgin, IL.

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The Elgin PRO-STOCK line now includes one-piece 5/16-in.-diameter push rods featuring 0.110-in. wall thickness and 3/8-in.-diameter rods with 0.137-in.wall thickness. Available lengths range from 7.900 in. to 9.400 in. for 3/8push rods and 6.250 in. to 8.800 in. for 5/16 push rods.

Elgin PRO-STOCK one-piece push rods are manufactured from seamless, aircraft-quality chrome-moly material, then through-hardened and black oxide coated for superior strength and durability. Each part features a centerless ground and hard-turned 0.1565-in. x 210° radius ends for the ultimate in geometric precision and wear resistance.


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