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LIQUI MOLY Diesel Purge

LIQUI MOLY Diesel_PurgeTo preserve the original power and fuel economy of diesel engines, deposits should be removed from the injection system on a regular basis. LIQUI MOLY’s Diesel Purge is an additive for retaining optimal performance. Diesel Purge does as the name suggests: it gives diesel engines a thorough cleaning.

It was developed to dissolve deposits and improve engine characteristics. It is highly effective against deposits in the injectors and in the fuel system. The risk of deposits increases when the quality of the diesel fuel is below optimum standards. Regular application of Diesel Purge helps to increase operational reliability and economy. In addition, Diesel Purge improves the ignition performance of diesel fuel, prevents partial-load knocking and protects against corrosion.

Application is considerably easy: just pour the can into the tank. It can also be applied in a preventative manner to prevent the formation of deposits right from the start. When you are experiencing severe engine troubles caused by deposits, you can fight them off with a shock dose. Disconnect the fuel line, put the end in the can of Diesel Purge and start the engine. Now it runs on pure, concentrated additive. This is the way to get the best results. In case of persisting deposits, repeat the application.

There is a third method of application preferred by many garages: when a diesel filter has to be changed, simply fill up the new filter with Diesel Purge. Now the engine runs on pure additive for the first few minutes. You have to get the air out of the new filter anyway, and Diesel Purge helps keep the engine clean. This is how you kill two birds with one stone.

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