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PowerBore Cylinder Sleeves Power Ductile Material


PowerBore logoPowerBore Cylinder Sleeves has introduced its new Power Ductile material. After months of research and sampling, PowerBore has created a ductile iron chemistry with significantly enhanced mechanical properties, well beyond what is common in the standard grade ductile iron that is used in most performance cylinder sleeve applications.

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“Power Ductile is truly a premier ductile iron. It has better tensile strength, yield strength, elongation, and is also harder than the common high performance material. By every measurement, this is the superior ductile iron for making cylinder sleeves,” says Geoff Korff, Vice President at PowerBore Cylinder Sleeves.

Engine builders who use Power Ductile sleeves can expect better performance due to improved mechanical properties, as well as a longer sleeve life.

PowerBore Cylinder Sleeves has provided a side-by-side comparison of the Power Ductile material compared to the more commonly used 100-70-03 grade ductile iron on its website:


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