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Carter Fuel Systems Expands Product Line

Carter_PumpCarter Fuel Systems, LLC has introduced more than 120 new “Carter Complete” fuel module assemblies, electrical fuel pump sets, pump-and-hanger assemblies and other premium-quality products for millions of late-model foreign nameplate and domestic passenger vehicles. Carter Fuel Systems is a U.S.-based manufacturer of original equipment and replacement fuel system products.

The expansion of the Carter line reflects a renewed commitment to category-best coverage combined with the brand’s leadership in delivering innovative technologies that help eliminate fuel delivery comebacks. Carter Fuel Systems operates a state-of-the-art engineering, manufacturing and product test center in Logansport, Ind.

“This is only the first of several significant investments in new coverage for late-model applications,” said Crowne Group President Greg Flake. “It is our mission to become the number one brand of fuel system products for every vehicle nameplate and in every North American market. We will do that by providing the best coverage, bar none, as well as superior products that are engineered and manufactured right here in North America.”

The new Carter parts include 65 premium fuel module assemblies, 25 electrical fuel pump sets, four pump-and-hanger assemblies and a variety of other components for domestic, Asian and European applications up to and including the 2013 model year. Many new Carter fuel modules, sets and pump-and-hanger assemblies feature the brand’s exclusive CleanScreen strainer, which offers up to 40 percent greater dirt-holding capacity and helps eliminate fuel delivery issues by preventing clogging.

Other key features of the latest Carter modules and assemblies are advanced turbine-style pumps that draw less amperage and are quieter and more resistant to debris than conventional pumps; pump carbon commutators that last significantly longer than copper designs; solid silver fuel sender contacts that provide superior electrical conductivity and are more resistant to corrosive fuel blends and additives; and digital pressure sensor transducers that offer greater accuracy and reliability than original equipment designs. All Carter pumps and modules are 100 percent tested before shipping to ensure superior performance and reliability.

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