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Thank You Notes: 392 Magnum Engine Charity Build Update

As we get closer to completion of Engine Builder magazine’s 392 Magnum Charity Engine Build project, we would like to take a moment and update the project status and thank all those responsible for this project.


First of all, we would like to thank Dave Sutton, contributing editor for Engine Builder for organizing this engine build idea.


We also want to thank Dave for his help in working with Stacey Redmond and Joe Degraw, owners of Grawmondbecks Competition Engines in Mason City, IA, who have been dedicating their time and expertise, turning this donated 1977 318 Chrysler engine into a 392 Magnum.

The finished engine will be raffled off for charity and the money raised will be donated to the Independence Fund (, which assists disabled veterans with motorized wheelchairs.



We will have more on the raffle, ticket pricing and where to buy tickets in the next few weeks.

The engine also will be displayed at an upcoming national industry performance show, along with dyno readings and other information.

We also would like to thank the following suppliers and manufacturers for their generosity in donating the parts for this engine build.



Short Block
Steve Tosel: 1977 318 Chrysler core motor:

ICON Performance Pistons  Pistons

Engine Parts Group : Rings, Timing Tensioner, Timing Set, Harmonic Balancer

Scat Industries : Crankshaft, Connecting Rods

Mahle Aftermarket : Rod Bearings, Main Bearings

Dura-Bond  : Cam Bearings, Finish Kit

Lunati : Camshaft lifter kit

Federal-Mogul : Full gasket set

Melling : Oil pump, Oil pump shaft, Freeze plug kit

Milodon : Oil pickup screen, Windage tray, Oil pan, Main

EngineQuest : Timing cover


Cylinder Heads
EngineQuest : Magnum cylinder heads

Ferrea Racing Valves : Intake valves, Exhaust valves

Engine Parts Group : Valve springs, Valve locks, Valve seals

Comp Cams : Retainers, Rocker arm kit, Guide plates, Rocker arm studs, Pushrods

Automotive Racing Products : Head bolts

Edelbrock : Valve covers

Fel-Pro Gaskets : Valve cover gaskets, Header gaskets, Intake gaskets


Fuel System-Ignition-Dress Up
Edelbrock : Carburetor, Manifold, Air cleaner, Breather, Valve covers, Water pump

Holley : Fuel pump and filter

ACCEL : Distributor, Ignition coil, Plug wires, Spark plugs, Crimping tool

Design Engineering Inc. : Boot wire, Plug boot and Primary wire protection

Automotive Racing Products : Engine and accessory bolts and fasteners

Driven Racing Oil : Break in oil, Assembly grease

For articles on the Charity Build Engine, visit:

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