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Schumann Energy Recovery Oil Pump

Schumann Oil PumpThe “Energy Recovery” oil pump design by Schumann’s Sales & Service Inc. is currently undergoing patent review for its ability to self-prime a front-mounted oil pump like those used in Chevy LS and other late model engine applications.  The pump’s unique flow characteristics provide instantaneous oil pressure and consistent output at all engine speeds. The pump also requires less effort to produce a given volume of flow, which frees up horsepower and improves fuel economy.

“The Energy Recovery pump includes a special port that reroutes a small amount of oil from the outlet side of the pump housing into the pump’s inlet tube,” explains Verne Schumann.  “This creates a siphoning effect that primes the pump, improves oil flow and reduces cavitation at higher pump speeds.”

Schumann indicates this system is appropriate for any street, strip or hard core racing applications and is available for SB/BB Chevy and SB/BB Ford. “It reduces the risk of oil starvation with extreme G-forces or wheelie acceleration,” he explains.

The patent applied for status of the pump compliments patent #US 8,398,381 issued 3/19/13 and other Schumann patents that are pending.

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