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What’s on the Dyno? — Pro Car Associates

Over at Pro Car Associates, Inc. in Akron, OH, is this 3.0L Delorean engine.

Over at Pro Car Associates, Inc. in Akron, OH, is this 3.0L Delorean engine.

dynodelorean1“We are currently working on a development project with DPI (Delorean Performance Industries). DPI will be able to provide twin turbocharged engines along with fuel injection retrofit packages for existing Delorean ­vehicles,” explained Christopher Wright of Pro Car.

“We are using the Holley HP ECM and ignition and are currently in the middle of testing. So far we have tested with 7.5 lbs. of boost with no issue.”
Wright said the goal is to work up to 15 lbs. of boost using the Holley boost controllers.

“This particular engine is the first and is built from stock components. This package will increase the maximum HP and Torque by 230% from factory. We will also be working on an engine that drastically exceeds these numbers for those looking for ultimate performance,” he said.


According to Wright, DPI in ­Tallmadge, OH, is one of only a few companies in the US that restores Delorean vehicles, and that the company plans to bring the new engine technology to the old platform.

For more on DPI, visit www.deloreanindustries.com.

Photo courtesy of Pro Car Associates, Inc. www.procarassociates.com

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