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Engine Builder’s Chrysler 392 Magnum V8 Engine on ebay

Engine Builder magazine’s Chrysler 392 Magnum V8 engine will be back up for auction on eBay Motors in 2015. This Chrysler 318 turned 392 Magnum produces 477 HP at 5800 RPM and 481 lb. feet of torque. The auction is running right now and will be open to anyone in the U.S. Proceeds will benefit the Independence Fund.


MVC-729SEngine Builder magazine’s Chrysler 392 Magnum V8 engine will be back up for auction on ebay Motors in 2015, with the auction available now by visiting here – http://ebay.to/1CfRsq5. Below are the engine details.

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Engine Builder Magazine’s 2014 Charity Engine Build

Chrysler 392 Magnum V8 engine. Produces 477 hp at 5800 rpm and 481 lb. feet of torque.

Engine Specs: 6.4L, 392 cubic in., 4” stroke crank Muscle Engine

Project Builders: Special thanks to Stacey Redmond and Joe Degraw, owners of Grawmondbecks Competition Engines, Mason City, IA, who dedicated their time and expertise, turning this donated 1977 318 Chrysler engine into a 392 Magnum.

Proceeds: This finished engine is being auctioned off for charity and the money raised will be donated to the Independence Fund, which assists disabled veterans with motorized wheelchairs.


Applications/Compatibility: This unique, muscle car motor is the perfect powerplant for any live rear-axle driven Chrysler, Plymouth or Dodge muscle car, custom ride, classic/antique car or pickup truck.

Project details: Cam specs look strong for a 340-360 cubic inch motor, but should be quite streetable with 392 cubic inches. The advertised duration is 276/284 (int/exh), with 234/242 at .050’ lift. The cam has a lobe separation angle of 110 degrees, with a 106 intake lobe centerline. Our Magnum heads use a stud-mounted rocker with a 1.6 ratio. The book specs on our cam state .513/.533” lift (int/exh), providing the motor a higher theoretical lift of .547/.569” lift (int/exh).


The team increased the size of the intake valves from 1.920” to an even 2.00”, while the already substantial exhausts went up slightly from 1.625” to 1.650”.

392 Magnum Project Partners

100_0313[1]Dave Sutton: Magnum Project/Parts coordinator

Steve Tosel: 1977 5.2L 318 Chrysler core motor:

Short Block
: ICON Performance Pistons: pistons    Engine Parts Group: rings, riming tensioner, timing set, harmonic balancer    Scat Industries: crankshaft, connecting rods   Mahle Aftermarket: rod bearings, main bearings   Dura-Bond: cam bearings, finish kit;    Lunati: camshaft lifter kit;   Federal-Mogul: full gasket set;    Melling: oil pump, oil pump shaft, freeze plug kit;    Milodon: oil pickup screen, windage tray, oil pan;   EngineQuest: timing cover


Cylinder Heads
: EngineQuest Magnum cylinder heads;   Ferrea Racing Valves: intake valves, exhaust valves   Engine Parts Group:  valve springs, valve locks, valve seals;    Comp Cams: retainers, rocker arm kit, guide plates, rocker arm studs, pushrods;   Automotive Racing Products: head bolts;   Edelbrock: valve covers;   Fel-Pro: gaskets, valve cover gaskets, header gaskets, intake gaskets

Fuel System-Ignition-Dress Up
: Edelbrock: carburetor, manifold, air cleaner, breather, valve covers, water pump;   Holley: fuel pump and filter;   ACCEL: distributor, ignition coil, plug wires, spark plugs, crimping tool;   Design Engineering Inc.: boot wire, plug boot and primary wire protection;   Automotive Racing Products: engine and accessory bolts and fasteners;    Driven Racing Oil: break in oil, assembly grease

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