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Thunderbird Boat Fires Its Allison Aircraft Engines

Drag Racing with No Arms – Matt Stutzman & PennGrade1 Want to Go 200 MPH in the 1/8th Mile

Matt Stutzman is nothing short of inspirational.

Matt Stutzman

Born without arms, Matt Stutzman has never, ever let that stop him from trying new things and achieving new goals. He is a 3x Paralympic archer, and is well-known as the "Armless Archer," using just his feet to shoot his bow. However, now that he's been at the peak of his archery journey for many years, he wants to get back to his motorsports roots. Matt grew up with a love for motorsports, which has now led him to wanting to achieve 200 mph in the 1/8th mile. To help him get there, he has a Top Sportsman drag car and the support of PennGrade1 High Performance Oil. We caught up with Matt at the 2023 PRI Show to listen to his story and see exactly how he operates his race car with just his feet.

Summit Racing Big Block Chevy Hydraulic Roller Camshafts

Made in the USA from billet bearing steel and finished on Landis grinders, the cams have a 4/7 firing order.

Fuelab 595 Ultralight Series Regulators

The 595 series bridges the gap between Fuelab’s popular 515/525 series and its monster 565 series regulators.

Fuelab regulator
Isky Hydraulic Flat Tappet Cam and Lifter Kits

For more power and rpm in street cars, and the necessary power and torque for the track.

Isky cams and lifters
Aviaid Dry Sump Oil Systems

The company offers two basic pump designs (Series 1 and Series 2), and can customize them for the application.

Aviaid dry sump oiling systems

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Bullet Racing Engines Big Block Chevy engine
ARP Special Chaser Taps

ARP has expanded its tap offerings to include some 22 different sizes.

ARP chaser taps