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Owen Developments Range of GBT High Performance Turbochargers

Long established independent high performance forced induction specialist Owen Developments is set to disrupt the existing turbocharger marketplace with the launch of a range of self-branded, external wastegate turbochargers – called GBT.


Long established independent high performance forced induction specialist Owen Developments is set to disrupt the existing turbocharger marketplace with the launch of a range of self-branded, external wastegate turbochargers – called GBT.

Designed in-house from a clean sheet of paper to maximize both performance and reliability, Owen’s GBT turbochargers combine advanced internals with unique features at a lower price point, enabling the company to redefine the industry standards for external wastegate turbocharger units destined for fast road, track day, drifting and serious motorsport use.

By undertaking the entire OD-GBT range’s CAD design, CNC machining and assembly process in-house, Owen Developments has been able to redesign parts from scratch to move the turbo goalposts onwards, fully independent of any commercial or technical restraints that had previously been imposed.

For example, the OD-GBT range features an optimized, near symmetrical volute (scroll) which enhances exhaust gas circulation to the turbine wheel. In addition, there is zero bolt penetration into the volute, further enhancing the flow efficiency of the OD-GBT design compared to rival offerings.

Arguably the greatest innovation with Owen’s new range of GBT turbos is regarding enhancing turbo longevity via an improved lubrication system. Uniquely, OD has incorporated an in-line oil filter into the GBT turbo’s compressor housing, while retaining the conventional turbo oil feed line compatibility. Located within the compressor housing architecture the GBT turbo’s serviceable mesh filter can trap debris as small as 150 microns in diameter, assuring an extra level of reliability protection.

Each turbo in Owen Development’s GBT range incorporates many of the advantages of Owen’s hugely successful “M-Spec” units, including an HTA billet compressor wheel, a billet heatshield, a motorsport spec ball bearing system, a conical compressor nut and billet anodised adaptor rings. Proven via use in FIA F2, BTCC, INDY Lights, and CTCC series’, plus numerous other racing disciplines such as rally cross, rally, drag and drifting, these internals maximize outright flow, combined with high levels of reliability and unbeatable transient boost response.

Owen Development’s GBT turbos have been designed with both longevity and serviceability in mind. These turbos are 100% serviceable by the company. A damaged compressor or turbine wheel can be repaired by technicians without the customer being required to purchase a new turbo or core assembly.

At launch, Owen Development’s range of GBT turbochargers covers fitments from 250 – 850 hp and supercedes the firm’s previous M-Spec portfolio. Classified using the ‘OD-GBT’ prefix, the part reference defines the GBT turbo’s frame size – EG OD-GBT-5471 features a 54mm diameter turbine inlet, with a 71mm compressor wheel exit diameter and is suitable for applications up to 480 bhp (refer to Owen Development’s on-line catalogue for more details.)

Pricing on the new GBT turbocharger units is to be confirmed but is anticipated to be lower than the current M-Spec range of Owen’s turbochargers, making the units highly competitive given their advanced specification and performance.

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