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David Vizard to Present Performance Engine Seminar in Elyria, OH, Charlotte, NC


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Internationally recognized author, engineer, racer and lecturer David Vizard will present an intimate Engine Performance Seminar May 5-7 at Motorhead’s in Elyria, OH.

“This in-depth seminar focuses on informing the professional running a typical small shop (1 to 10 employees) of techniques and methods to get more power from their builds for (as often as not) less cost,” Vizard told Engine Builder. ” Many of the moves are cutting edge and would be information their competitors, if they knew it, would not divulge.”

These seminars are supported by two professional grade, cutting-edge computer programs with extensive tutorials on their use.

Topics to be addressed include

  • An intake to tail pipe look at the requirements to make power and where the most critical obstacles to achieving such are.
  • Understanding the single greatest obstacle/determinant to making large output numbers per cube –the intake valve.
  • Understanding the effect of different valve seat forms the key elements to translating flow gains into increased output.
  • A comprehensive rundown on port and valve sizes to make maximum HP at the minimum RPM possible.
  • Understanding compression ratio
  • How to build a professional quality flow bench for as little as $150 in a weekend.
  • Understanding and identifying flow paths and flow impediments in port and chamber systems.
  • Flow bench techniques
  • Understanding a ‘virtual’ flow bench and how Computer Fluid Dynamics (CFD) will be useful in the near future/
  • Moments of Inertia (MOI)
  • Lifters, pushrods and rockers and springs
  • How to use the ‘Torque Master’ cam program to spec the right cam first time – every time
  • Cam/valve event timing for supercharged, turbo charged and N2O engines.
  • Cylinder wall preparation and piston ring tech. by the honing companies!
  • Cold air and ram air – how to avoid the common mistakes and make the most of (almost) free torque and HP assets.
  • Power producing facts that you need to know about BSFC (Brake Specific Fuel Consumption) and BSAC (Brake Specific Air Consumption).
  • Intake manifolds and carbs.
  • Header selection and exhaust systems.

Attendance at the Ohio seminar is limited and scholarships may still be available to offset part of the admission price.


In addition, Vizard will host a special Allstar Race Seminar from May 19-21 at his shop outside Charlotte, NC.

“The ‘Tailgate-Themed’ seminar classes will start an hour early on Saturday so that we can finish early that afternoon,” Vizard says. “Attendees will have the chance to win 2 VIP seats for NASCAR’s Allstar race that evening at Charlotte Motor Speedway. The rest of us will watch the race on the projection screen while enjoying a talilgate cookout party.”

For more information or to register for either seminar, visit www.davidvizardperformanceseminars.com.

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