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Hot Shot’s Secret Launches ADRENALINE Racing Oils

Hot Shot’s Secret has announced the official launch of ADRENALINE, a new collection of High Performance Racing Oils at the 2017 PRI Show. The new lineup will include three different viscosities.

Hot Shot’s Secret has announced the official launch of ADRENALINE, a new collection of High Performance Racing Oils at the 2017 PRI Show. The new lineup will include three different viscosities of motor oils including 15W-40, 20W-50 and ALKY-60W, as well as an SAE-80W gear oil.  All of the new oils are 100% PAO Synthetic racing formulas and are infused with Hot Shot’s Secret’s patented FR3 Friction Reducer, which has resulted in a horsepower adding super oil that has no competition in the marketplace and will change the racing industry in 2018.

As a company that prides itself in being “Powered By Science”, Hot Shot’s Secret has taken the research and development to an all new level. Most notably, upon developing this new racing oil they started with a 100% PAO Synthetic base oil. But not just any synthetic oil… this Group 4 based formula has already been proven on the racetrack by numerous champions, including Indianapolis 500 winning racecars. That proven performance was not enough for Hot Shot’s Secret however, as they continued their testing and engineering to incorporate their FR3 technology into the race oil.

These premier racing formulas have been engineered as a result of continuous performance gains being made with the Hot Shot’s Secret FR3 Friction Reducer oil additive. The FR3 formula contains 3 patented nanotechnologies that work together to increase the efficiencies of a motor, reduce wear, reduce oil temperatures, restore lost compression and of course, increase horsepower. The same technology that has brought FR3 to the attention of many racing teams is now being blended into Hot Shot’s Secret’s very own line of ADRENALINE High Performance Racing Oils.

In recent dynamometer independent testing at Firepunk Diesel in Plain City, Ohio, the Hot Shot’s Secret ADRENALINE R5 20W-50 race oil has proven a 3% horsepower gain over the industry’s leading race oil when tested on a 2016 6.7L Cummins. An average horsepower of 764.8 HP was collected after a series of five dynamometer runs using the competing oil, while an average horsepower of 788.04 HP was collected after five dynamometer runs using the Hot Shot’s Secret ADRENALINE R5 oil… a stunning gain of nearly 24 HP from just an oil change.

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