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Change Your Social Status


If you haven’t noticed one of our newer article series in the past 18 months called Engine of the Week, first off, where have you been living? Kidding, of course, but in all seriousness, Engine of the Week has been a popular article series for us where we tell a little bit of YOUR story – the engine builder – while also highlighting one of your recent builds in detail.

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The articles live on our website and are sent out to thousands through a weekly eNewsletter, but much of the traffic to these articles is generated from us simply posting the links to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and our newest foray into Instagram.

When we launched this series, we didn’t even have an Instagram. We started one just for this program to be able to share all the cool engine images you all share with us, and of course, some photos of our own as well. In just 18 months, our Instagram has gone from 0 followers to more than 3,700. Our Facebook page has gone from 5,000 followers to more than 8,000 – mostly due to our increased presence on each of those sites in conjunction with Engine of the Week and other technical information.


So what’s my point and message for all of you engine builders out there? You should be doing this too! Today!

Too often I see engine shops without an online presence at all. You simply won’t be found in today’s environment if that’s the case. If you have a website, but you haven’t updated anything on it for 5 years or more – that’s almost just as bad as not being online at all. If you are maintaining a website, do you also have social media pages associated with your shop?


Too often I see engine shops without an updated website or an unused social media page, both of which tell customers you’re not paying attention. And why not be on social media? It’s free. There are MILLIONS of people using these sites, some looking for engine work.

The days are long gone of looking up and down phone books or strictly making a visit to your local shop. People will not find you if you’re trying your best not to be found. Create a page on Facebook and create a page on Instagram. These two seem to be the best social sites for what it is our industry does – and your customers are on there as well.


Make sure your social pages link to your website if you have one. Whether you have a separate website or not, make sure your social pages have contact information, and make sure you spend the time to post updates, recent builds, races you’ve attended, accolades you’ve won, other employees, etc. This is an extension of you and your shop and it will attract people to your business, or at the very least, let people know you really exist in today’s business environment.

This industry seems to enjoy living in the past when it comes to the online world, but we don’t have to sit idly by while others are gaining the attention of the world. Let me repeat the biggest reason to join social media – MILLIONS of people can find you. And its free to create and upload information.


Now, I can’t harp on all engine builders, because many of you have been active on Facebook, Instagram and other social sites for some time now, and I hope you’re seeing the benefits of being there.

I’ve had plenty of conversations with engine builders who communicate through social media channels with customers, they get additional work from being on these sites and they gain a much larger network of potential customers both here in the states and internationally. Imagine if our magazine only reached Akron, OH?! I think you get my point.


In the coming months, the Engine Builder team intends to educate any and all of you on the benefits of being online, as well as the best practices for making your presence on these social channels work for you.

If you aren’t online with a website, and if you aren’t involved with at least one social media page – WAKE UP! Do yourself and your shop a favor – change your social status.

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