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The ‘Original Green Oil’ Gets Rediscovered

A rapidly increasing number of engine builders working on hot-rod, drag, boat, late-model and classic-vintage engines have rediscovered PennGrade 1, "The Original Green Oil," that is manufactured by D-A Lubricant Company.

A rapidly increasing number of engine builders working on hot-rod, drag, boat, late-model and classic-vintage engines have rediscovered PennGrade 1, “The Original Green Oil,” that is manufactured by D-A Lubricant Company.
Scott Kear, PennGrade 1’s executive vice-president of consumer-sales, notes that while the name has changed, the unique formulation, base oil stock and additive package have not.
“Everything about PennGrade 1 is true to the original formula – its high-zinc, high phosphorus chemistry, its performance and the protection it delivers in pre-catalytic converter vehicles,” Kear said.
Tom Hemphill, of Clarksburg, Pennsylvania, runs a 1600-hp nitrous engine, powering a ’68 Plymouth Barracuda in the International Hot-Rod Association’s (IHRA) Top Sportsman class.
“As soon as I began using PennGrade 1 Partial Synthetic SAE 10W-30 in my engines, I noticed dramatic bearing wear reduction in our high horsepower drag-race engines,” Hemphill said.
In a recent competition, Hemphill’s #7 cylinder cracked, leaking water into the crankcase. With a cracked cylinder, Hemphill would go on to win four of the five rounds – placing second overall in the competition.
Expecting the post-race teardown to reveal a severely damaged crankshaft and bearings, they found that the engine parts were still certified for continued use as PennGrade 1 did its job.
Tyler Crockett, of Ruby, Michigan, is an APBA World Champion who owns the world speed record in b-class offshore racing, at 103 mph, rediscovered “The Original Green Oil” at a trade-show.
Crockett now uses PennGrade 1 SAE 20W-50 in all of his marine performance engines. PennGrade 1 amazed him.
“Our piston rings seemed to seal faster on the engine dyno and our oil temperature was also down, Crockett said. “The oil stays clean and slippery even if it gets diluted.”
Crockett’s speed shop business depends on performance and trust.
“All the engines that come out of our machine shop have PennGrade 1 inside of them,” Crockett said. “We also send out extra cases of PennGrade 1 with every engine to make sure our customers have the best protection for their new engine.”
PennGrade 1 delivers:
  • excellent wear and temperature protection
  • exceptional film strength under demanding torque
  • superior resistance to viscosity breakdown and foaming in engines
  • detergent/dispersant additives for engine cleanliness
  • oxidation and foam inhibitors to protect against thermal degradation
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