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Holley STS Turbo Intercoolers, Wastegates, Blow-Off Valves and Air Filters

Holley has released several new STS Turbo products – direct-fit intercoolers, wastegates, blow-off valves, air filters, and air-filter wraps.

Holley has released several new STS Turbo products – direct-fit intercoolers, wastegates, blow-off valves, air filters, and air-filter wraps.

STS Direct-Fit Intercoolers are a fast, easy way to add air-to-air intercooling for better control of air intake temperatures and more horsepower. Available for numerous late-model applications, they’re made of 6061 aluminum, polished, 100-percent TIG-welded, and feature a bar-and-plate design.
STS Wastegates feature a one-piece stainless steel valve for maximum reliability and a proven silicon-Nomex diaphragm for max reliability. They’re offered in two configurations – a 38mm version that’s ideal for street and racing applications (specifically those with two-bolt flanges) and a 40mm design that’s perfect for fitting into tight spaces. Both come complete with a locking ring-removal tool, 2×1/16-inch blank plugs, and 2×1/16-inch vacuum nipples.
STS Blow-Off Valves are up to 50 percent lighter and 25 percent smaller than ordinary blow-off valves and still flow more than 330 CFM. Built with trusted Turbosmart components, they feature a unique collar design, a hard-anodized valve guide and stem, a positive-sealing valve seat, and a proven silicon Nomex diaphragm for maximum reliability. The quick-release V-band collar makes installation and removal a snap, and dual vacuum ports give you multiple options for line-positioning.
STS Air Filters come with high-flow cotton media that’s washable and reusable for years of trouble-free service. The specially layered and oiled media traps dirt particles and lets engines breathe deep for maximum power. STS Filter Wraps keep out dirt particles and street debris as small as five-thousandths of an inch, and the pre-filters are run dry, so no dirt can stick to anything and rob power.

For full product details, click the following links:

•  Intercoolers
•  Wastegates
•  Blow-Off Valves
•  Air Filters & Filter Wraps

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