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Is Your Tired Oil Causing Issues?

Speediagnostix now offers a quick, simple, inexpensive way to
diagnose the fluid in your engine that keeps it alive.

Should the engine run another race? Is the oil OK to run another track day? When should I change my oil?  SPEEDiagnostix provides data that answers these questions and more, and in a time frame that makes the data valuable. Saving one engine or transmission pays for a lifetime of used oil analysis kits.

The Speed family founded SPEEDiagnostix to provide expedited, expert used oil analysis services. Based on decades of success in Nascar and Kart Racing, the SPEED family tailored SPEEDiagnostix to meet the unique needs of racers, enthusiasts, engine builders, performance parts manufacturers and classic car owners.

Used oil analysis provides critical insights into the health of engines, transmissions and differentials. This information is vital for car owners who race or track day their vehicles. Even if the car never sees a race track or auto cross course, used oil analysis can help prevent catastrophic failure in highly tuned street engines as well a classic cars. This is especially true in vehicles without a strong maintenance history. While traditional oil analysis services can provide data, these traditional kits can take weeks to produce results. That delay in time reduces the value of the information, and as a result,  many people “take their chances” by operating high value equipment without taking used oil samples. SPEEDiagnostix solves that problem.

Utilizing the same technology applied by Formula 1 teams, catastrophic failure can be prevented by early detection.  SPEEDiagnostix combines modern analytical techniques with expedited processing to deliver valuable data in a timely manner. The data provided by SPEEDiagnostix allows you to make decisions based on data, not speculation. In as soon as three days, you can know the health of your engine, transmission, gear box, power steering system or shock absorbers, and it is cost effective. 

For as little as $59.95 per sample, SPEEDiagnostix provides the ability to spot problems before they become catastrophes.
For more information: SPEEDiagnostix or 1-704-795-8828
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