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Katech LT Oil Pump

Katech announced it has released a new, revolutionary oil pump for the GM Gen 5 LT engine platform.

Katech announced it has released a new, revolutionary oil pump for the GM Gen 5 LT engine platform.

The LT dry sump oil pump has had issues with low oil pressure in high output applications.  Katech saw this as a concern for its motorsports and aftermarket customers, and pursued a solution.

Katech began with undisclosed modifications to the oil pump’s pressure circuit, which was validated to increase oil pressure by 25 percent over stock at 6000 rpm, and 45 percent over stock at 3000 rpm.

The improvement in oil flow required faster evacuation of the oil from the oil pan.  Katech’s solution is a proprietary billet 4140 steel gear that replaces the powered metal factory gear. Katech modified the gear lobe geometry and increased the overall height to improve the flow of oil from the pan by nearly 54 percent over the stock gear 

“If you are racing, or have a high-output LT engine, this would be the oil pump to have,” said Eric Suits, lead engineer on the pump redesign.  “It will give you peace of mind that your bearings, crank, rods, pistons, and lifters are getting well oiled at adequate pressure.  Obviously the number one thing to keep a healthy engine is oil pressure.”

The Katech LT Oil Pump joins a growing list of new or improved products for the LT engine, including a 103mm throttle body, the Katech Xtreme-DI Fuel System, CNC-ported cylinder heads, cast aluminum valve covers, a high-temperature thermostat, and more. 

“These are the kind of products you can expect from Katech,” said Suits.  “We are constantly engineering innovations for the market.”

For more information: katechengines.com.

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