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Rotodyne Engine Development, LLC is Seeking Partners to Develop its Revolutionary Engine

Rotodyne Engine Development, LLC has announced a new distributed engine development strategy to partner with independent engine builder(s) to build and test a prototype of its revolutionary Rotodyne Engine.



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Rotodyne Engine Development, LLC (Rotodyne Engines) has announced a new distributed engine development strategy to partner with independent engine builder(s) to build and test a prototype of its revolutionary Rotodyne Engine, in order to then sell and/or license the technology under U.S. Patent 7,677,210, which is the pioneering patent for constant volume combustion.

All engine builder participants will receive a share of the profits and proceeds from all sales and licensing.


The Rotodyne Engine is a ‘barrel’ type internal combustion engine having its cylinders, pistons and rods all rotating around a central axis. The engine configuration was first invented in the 1900s and used in WWI airplanes so pilots could fire guns through the center of the engine. Unfortunately, the large rotating mass made it hard to turn against the centrifugal forces and the engine never made it to commercial success.

Since, the barrel engine design has been picked up a few times – in the ’50s and ’70s – and then in the early-mid 2000s Rotodyne Engines discovered that by adjusting certain design relationships it could de-couple the piston motion from the crank angle permitting an unprecedented flexibility to contour a wide range of piston motions that optimized the combustion cycle in a way not possible using a traditional, stationary cylinder bank.

The Rotodyne Engine gains an additional efficiency advantage by using existing ceramic coatings over the longer piston dwell, which studies predict will improve Brake Thermal Efficiency (BTE) by upwards of 40+%.


Rotodyne Engine Development, LLC now seeks to enlist motivated engine designers and fabricators to partner in developing the first prototype Rotodyne Engine.


Rotodyne Engines is making the following information available to the public for independent research and investigation:

● A proprietary computational spreadsheet for adjusting the design parameters to visually see a graph of the piston motion vs. crank angle, including the angle of advancement or retardation between the Torque Plate and the Cylinder Carriage, the offset of the Torque Plate center with respect to the center of the Cylinder Carriage, the tilt of the Torque Plate with respect to the Cylinder Carriage, and the pitch and yaw of the Cylinder axis.

● Southwest Research Institute evaluation of the Rotodyne Engine laying out the merits of the engine as well as the engineering challenges.

● Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling of the combustion process with 3 different piston piston dwell scenarios.

● Third party study of the constant volume combustion cycle.

Rotodyne Engines will also make available the entire CAD model of the engine to its partners to facilitate production of the prototype(s).

The Rotodyne Engine is set to disrupt the $500B standby generator market. It is the first and most practical multi-cylinder engine to employ the textbook constant volume combustion cycle. Other markets and applications worldwide provide further incentive.


Rotodyne Engine Development, LLC is an intellectual property holding company for technology related to the revolutionary Rotodyne Engine with the goal of developing, selling and/or licensing rights to extended piston dwell and constant volume combustion under U.S. Patent 7,677,210.

Rotodyne Engine Development, LLC is also seeking financial investors in order to secure a second round of worldwide patents to protect continued improvements to the base engine design and to fund continued engineering studies and development of the Rotodyne Engine.

For more information: Any and all interested parties should contact Larry Chasin at [email protected]


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