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OTC Crank & Cam Tools for Detroit Diesel Engines

New crankshaft and cam tools include a crankshaft seal and wear sleeve installer, an alignment tool and replacement tip, along with a cam gear alignment fixture, retaining tool and an alignment tool. Each tool is for use on multiple variants of Detroit Diesel engines.


OTC announced the addition of new specialty crankshaft and cam tools to its product lineup for Detroit Diesel engines. OTC tools are designed to improve a technician’s effort and efficiency in the shop and help keep heavy-duty fleet vehicles on the road. The new crankshaft and cam tools are now available throughout North America.

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Crankshaft Seal and Wear Sleeve Installer (#5887) – The OTC Crankshaft Seal and Wear Sleeve Installer installs the front and rear crankshaft wear sleeves and seals on Detroit Diesel Series 60 and two-cycle Series 92 engines. The 5887 properly installs the crankshaft seal and eliminates lip flare on the wear sleeve during service.

Cam Gear Alignment Fixture (#5881) – The OTC Cam Gear Alignment Fixture allows technicians to pull the cam drive gear hub and thrust plate forward for camshaft and/or thrust plate seal removal and installation. The 5881 is designed for use on Detroit Diesel Series 60 applications.

Cam Gear Retaining Tool (#5884) – The OTC Cam Gear Retaining Tool is used to hold the cam gear stationary without causing damage to the cam gear retaining bolt during removal or installation. The 5884 secures to the cam gear case through access cover bolts on Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines to provide increased stability. 


Cam Gear Alignment Tool (#5882) – The OTC Cam Gear Alignment Tool aligns the cam gear during camshaft assembly installation. The special pin on the 5882 fits into the cam timing hole on Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines for proper alignment.

Crankshaft Alignment Tool (#5883) and Replacement Tip (#5883-1) – The OTC Crankshaft Alignment Tool ensures proper crankshaft alignment during camshaft timing inspection and service of Detroit Diesel Series 60 engines. The tip of the 5883 drops into the crankshaft locating hole to place the No. 1 cylinder at top-dead-center. Replacement tips (#5883-1) are also available the OTC Crankshaft Alignment Tool.

For more information: www.otctools.com.

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