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Goodson to Host AERA Tech & Skills Conference August 11, 2020

Goodson Tools & Supplies for Engine Builders is set to host an AERA Tech & Skills Conference at its Winona location on August 11, 2020. 

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According to Dave Monyhan, Goodson sales manager, “2020 is Goodson’s 75th Anniversary and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate and give back to the automotive industry than to host this technical event. 

“Plans are still being ironed out, but we already have a stellar line-up. Keith Jones from Total Seal will be talking about piston rings. Sunnen, our co-host for the event, will also have a presentation on cylinder honing. Of course, as we get more details, we’ll keep everyone informed.” 

The day will also feature a technical seminar by NHRA Top Fuel Amalie Motor Oil Team Owner and Driver, Terry McMillen on the workings of a Top Fuel Dragster.

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