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Monster Jam Breaks Six Guinness World Records

Monster Jam has etched itself in the history books – the Guinness World Record books to be exact. Guinness World Records validated six official titles at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Bradenton, FL recently. The record-breaking stunts were featured on Discovery Channel’s Diesel Brothers: Monster Jam Breaking World Records, which aired Saturday, August 8 and is now available on Discovery GO.

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Krysten Anderson went more than 33-ft. in the air in Grave Digger.

Brother and sister duo Adam Anderson and Krysten Anderson from the “First Family of Monster Jam” each set a Guinness World Records title. Adam broke the record for most monster trucks jumped by a monster truck, a title previously set by Colton Eichelberger at the 2019 Monster Jam World Finals. Driving Megalodon, Adam jumped eight Monster Jam trucks, besting Eichelberger’s previous record by one truck. Krysten, the first and only female driver of Grave Digger, set a new Guinness World Records title for the highest ramp jump – monster truck. On her first and only attempt, she traveled 33.8 feet in the air, crushing the existing record by 12.5 feet.

Adam Anderson jumped eight other monster trucks in Megalodon.

Great Clips Mohawk Warrior driver Bryce Kenny became the first person to break the 100 mph barrier, setting the Guinness Wolrd Records title for fastest speed for a monster truck with a speed of 100.31 mph. 

Tom Meents in Max-D set a new nose wheelie record.

Twelve-time Monster Jam World Finals Champion, Tom Meents, traveled 209 feet to earn the record of the longest stoppie (nose wheelie) on a monster truck (distance). Balancing on the front two tires of Max-D, Meents broke the previous record of 50.85 feet. Sadly, though his fifth attempt traveled more than 600 feet, it was disqualified from record contention because all four tires did not land on the ground.

Bari Musawwir set a new donut record in the Zombie truck.

Bari Musawwir became the holder of two separate Guinness World Records titles – most donuts (spins) in a monster truck in one minute and most consecutive donuts (spins) in a monster truck.  Driving the Zombie Monster Jam truck and staying within a 77-foot diameter circle, Musawwir completed 44 donuts in one minute and 58 consecutively, beating the existing records of 41 for both. More than 100 donuts were performed across four attempts before proving successful.  

One of the few stunts that didn’t result in a new world record was a forward-momentum double back flip.

Todd LeDuc attempted a seventh Guinness World Records title for Monster Jam, aiming to achieve the first forward momentum double back flip in a monster truck. The stunt took weeks to develop, with no fewer than 12 practice attempts by two different drivers. On his first record attempt, the Monster Energy Monster Jam truck engine blew, causing the truck to only complete a single rotation.  On-site technicians worked tirelessly and swiftly to swap the motor so that LeDuc could try one more time. Unfortunately, this attempt also proved unsuccessful, as the truck only completed 1.5 rotations before landing into a pit of cars.

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