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Champion Oil Offers WD Incentive

Champion Oil, a lubricant manufacturer of diesel engine oils and additives, has recently created a special opportunity and program to become a Champion Warehouse Distributor (WD) selling Blue Flame Performance Diesel Engine Oils.

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The newly released incentive is a low-cost buy-in at the WD level for smaller businesses that includes free freight, web location posting, press release, POP, banners, literature, MAP pricing, and a featured interview on the Champion Blue Flame Diesel Blog.

Champion also offers a Master Warehouse Distributor (MWD) program that is available for larger sized businesses interested in wholesale distribution of Champion’s Blue Flame Diesel Engine Oils.

Champion’s Blue Flame Diesel Engine Oils are formulated with workhorse high-zinc performance additives, superior protection, advanced polymer technology, and high TBN, supported by a carrier blend of synthetic and conventional base fluids.


In addition, Blue Flame Engine Oils deliver high temperature film strength and lubricity protection with the muscle to combat oil shear and maximize and sustain cylinder compression. These oils are proven to increase engine horsepower and torque. Champion Brands Blue Flame Diesel Engine Oils are purpose-built for extreme protection and performance.

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