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Xceldyne Looks to Expand with Movaltec Sarl Transaction

Xceldyne, LLC, a titanium valve and valvetrain component manufacturer, has announced it has secured assets of Movaltec Sarl, a steel valve and valvetrain component manufacturer, with the intention to expand their valve and valvetrain reach globally. 

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“This transaction of the France-based company further increases Xceldyne’s global motorsports valvetrain market share. It provides tangible evidence of our focus and commitment to the motorsports industry and our never-ending efforts and passion to improve the performance and reliability of race engines,” said Corey Smith, co-founder and CEO of Xceldyne.  “Relocation to the United States facility will allow us to efficiently expand the premier steel valve and valvetrain components business across all motorsports disciplines.” 

“This equipment with our common knowledge and experience put together at the same location will keep Xceldyne valvetrain components and team in first place of the motorsports industry,” commented Jean-Charles Marteau, co-founder and GM of Movaltec. “Our established relationships with many of the European race teams will allow Xceldyne to expand brand recognition across the globe.”


Jean-Charles will join the Xceldyne team and fulfill the role of director of engineering and manufacturing technologies. Jean-Charles’ motorsports experience and engineering knowledge will accelerate future product development. The integration of both companies will take place over the coming months and will be completed January 2021.

The integration of these two highly technical entities accomplishes Smith’s and Marteau’s shared vision and conviction of strengthening Xceldyne’s position in the global motorsports market. This partnership enables Xceldyne to realize its full potential designing and manufacturing valves and valvetrain components from concept to reality. Going into 2021, Xceldyne’s expanded product offerings will consist of titanium & steel valves, finger followers, rocker arms, roller lifters, bucket tappets, spring retainers & locators, valve locks, lash caps, valve guides, XTS Timing Systems, PSI valve springs, Spin fuel pumps and wrist pins.


For more information: www.xceldyne.com or call 800-448-1223.

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