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VP44 6.7L Cummins Engine

After a cracked block killed a customer's 5.9L Cummins, Torque Factory salvaged the parts they could and rebuilt a 6.7L Cummins to get the customer's '99 Dodge 3500 dually up and running again. See what went into the build.

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A customer recently came to Torque Factory, a diesel repair shop located in Redmond, OR, with a cracked 5.9L engine block. There had been an attempt to stitch weld the crack, but the cracked block continued to propagate. Down on his luck, the customer asked Torque Factory what his other options were.

“I mentioned we had a 6.7L block available,” says TJ Hisaw, a Torque Factory employee. “I said it jokingly, but the customer latched onto the idea with excitement and a new build began.”

TJ Hisaw is one of three people who work at Torque Factory along with owner Charlie Horton. The diesel shop specializes in diesel repair and performance work for Cummins, Powerstroke and Duramax diesels, as well as automotive repair.

“We are known for our quality of work, but more importantly, we are known for helping our customers with understanding what failed and why,” Hisaw says. “We’ve recently expanded from a single-bay shop into a multi-bay shop, and with six years of success, we just purchased a Haas VF-4 CNC to push ourselves and our diesel work forward.”

One such engine build where that work was prevalent was this customer’s recent 6.7L Cummins engine build, which retained the customer’s original HE351 turbocharger from his 5.9L, the RV275 injectors, the VP44 injection system, and the valve cover. The new 6.7L would be swapped into the customer’s ‘99 Dodge 3500 dually.

To begin the build, Torque Factory used a Cummins 6.7L ISB long block, Cummins main bearings and rod bearings, MAHLE pistons and rings, a Cometic head gasket, ARP 2000 studs, and machined the deck surface for stainless steel o-rings.

The engine’s valvetrain features a Hamilton 178/208 camshaft with Hamilton pushrods, tappets, 103 valve springs, and steel retainers, as well as MAHLE camshaft bearings. Torque Factory also implemented a Cummins oil cooler and gasket set, a Power Driven Diesel high-volume oil pump, a Fleece coolant bypass kit, and an oil pan made custom in-house.

As mentioned earlier, the customer requested that certain parts be retained from his original 5.9L such as the 24V valve cover, the Banks Power Monster Ram 3.5˝ intake, AFE Magnum Force Stage 2 intake, the Bosch RV275 injectors, Scheid Diesel connector tubes, the VP44 injection pump, a BD Diesel stealth cover, and the HE351 turbocharger with billet compressor wheel.

To round out the 6.7L build, Torque Factory used a Diesel Auto Power 4.4” HE351 down pipe, a 12V anti-cavitation water pump, an Edge comp box, and a custom Torque Factory ECU engine mount and harness.

Going beyond the engine, the shop also set the customer up with a 47RE transmission that was completely rebuilt with Revmax and Goerend billet parts, including a Revmax Stage 5 billet triple disc torque converter, HD valve body and a billet 300M input shaft, as well as a Goerend non-SFI billet flexplate and a 3.8 lever strut anchor kit.

With his cracked 5.9L block in his rearview mirror and a newly rebuilt 6.7L Cummins under the hood of his Dodge 3500, this Torque Factory customer is all smiles once again.

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