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Fluidampr Toyota 2JZ 15% Underdrive Damper

Reduce risk of crankshaft failure & wear on critical engine parts.


Fluidampr has released its new 15% underdrive damper for the popular Toyota 2JZ engine. Part number 840811. $512.00 MSRP. 

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“The Toyota 2JZ engine continues to be a favorite amongst racers,” says project lead, Nick Orefice. “At their request, and of their engine builders, we developed an underdrive version based on our top-selling 2JZ damper. It’s ideal for professional competition and exceeding stock RPM limits.” 


 Broad RPM range torsional vibration protection. 

 15% underdrive accessory pulley for race use. 

 Reduce risk of crankshaft failure & wear on critical engine parts. 

 Unleash lost torque and horsepower. 

 SFI 18.1 certified. Made in USA. 

The hard coat anodized aluminum underdrive pulley shaves 13oz. off the standard 2JZ damper and is removable. The damper is finished in a corrosion resistant black zinc chromate, then laser engraved with timing marks, logo and SFI 18.1 credential. Last, a pre-drilled 3/8˝-24 UNF on 3.200 B.C. bolt pattern allows for custom mandrel drives and damper installer/remover tool use. 


Available through quality parts distributors and professional engine builders. 



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